My first allotment

Today I collected the key to my first allotment. Jon and I went to meet Barbara, and we were invited into her office (greenhouse) while she put my name in the book of plot holders.

I’d already been to the local hardware shop to buy a spade and some shears so I started poking around the plot straight away, uncovering the remains of raised beds, several compost heaps and what I assume was once a cold frame. The greenhouse and shed had fallen down and been removed by the previous tenant’s family respectively, leaving weed-ridden areas of hardstanding.

Huey, one of the other plotholders, showed me where there were the remains of overgrown asparagus plants and pointed out the rampant horse’s tail and bindweed, talking about how they spread if you cut their roots and can be impervious to weedkiller.

I selected a raised bed to start work on and basically dug and dug and dug, pulling out weed roots and chopping back overhanging brambles.

Here’s how it looked when I started:


And after:


After an hour or so I spotted an abandoned mattress at the end of the allotment which was kind of discouraging. However a gift of leeks and cabbage from Barbara cheered me up again and I went home to plan my dinner.



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