Before and after: allotment progress so far

I’ve reached an annoying stage of the allotment clearing where progress doesn’t seem as fast as it was when I started. There’s a huge pile of weeds to burn and rubbish to either put in a skip or cart to the dump, and it doesn’t feel like things will start to look at lot better any time soon.

So to cheer me up, here’s a before and after of the progress so far.

Here’s the plot when I started.


Overgrown allotment before clearing started

And here it is three weeks and nine visits later. Each visit’s been between an hour and three hours in length, so no full days and just a small amount of progress at a time.


Allotment after three weeks’ work



Not only is it sunnier in the second photo but it does look loads better. You can see raised beds, there’s no abandoned mattress any more and the pathways are nearly clear. Next tasks are burning the bindweed roots and digging over the beds again to get rid of any that are left. I also want to plant some garlic before Christmas and see how it does against the weeds that are bound to reappear in the spring.


4 thoughts on “Before and after: allotment progress so far

  1. Really great job. I know how it can feel when clearing a plot, snapshots of progress can really help with the motivation can’t they? When I faced this mental anguish in the beginning, I told myself to forget about how much of the uncleared ground was left. Have a plan before each visit and just focus on that plan. I’ve found its been a much more efficient and motivational process. I was amazed how much I achieved within a few months. Good luck. Look forward to seeing how it comes along šŸ˜Š


    • Thanks for the encouraging words! You’re right, it’s much easier to think of it in smalle sections. I’m not thinking about the left hand side of the plot really (especially the huge corrugated metal structure!) just concentrating on clearing the easier-to-tackle areas first.

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  2. You’ve done really well considering the time of year. Don’t be surprised if you do more armchair gardening than plotting over the next few months but don’t get discouraged. xx


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