First ventures into composting

As I have three  old plastic bins / containers on the allotment, plus a huge amount of cut vegetation to dispose of, I decided to look into composting. It looks as though some of the stuff I’ve cut down and piled up to burn at a later date has already started composting itself already so I took that as a good sign.

I know you shouldn’t compost perennial weeds like bindweed, which I have a lot of, but I figured it might be a good way of getting rid of some of the reed-like plants, nettles and other miscellaneous things I’m chopping down and digging up.

After filling the bin with a mixture of green reeds, dead brown ones, nettles and privet cuttings, I’d got rid of a tiny fraction of the piles of waste but I know it should shrink as it rots down so hopefully I can add more. Once the bin was fill I put a sheet of plastic weighted down with bricks on top to keep the rain out. I haven’t drilled any holes for ventilation but am planning to turn it every couple of weeks so we’ll see how it goes.

I’m planning to order an incinerator over Christmas so am looking forward to lots and lots of fires in the new year to help get rid of all the brambles and bindweed that I can’t compost. Any tips on the best incinerator to get or how to burn a vast amount of weeds are very welcome!



2 thoughts on “First ventures into composting

  1. I would get what I call a proper compost bin/heap going if you can as it’s well worth doing. Have a Google, or look at Pinterest, for ideas. I use pallets stood on end into which I add almost everything except brambles and bindweed. I don’t turn it over and just empty it out once a year. Here’s one of my posts about it –
    I use an old metal dustbin rather than an incinerator for the few fires I do have. If it was me I have an occasional fire on open ground rather than buy one as they don’t seem to last long nowadays. My site has rather strict rules about fires as there are flats/houses nearby. xx

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  2. Thanks, will take a look at your composting post. I’m off to the allotment tomorrow (meant to be a bit warmer than today) and am planning to light a fire to get a head start on getting rid of some of the piles of weeds – will report back!


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