All fired up


Today was an exciting day as a giant box arrived from Amazon containing my new garden incinerator. It’s basically a metal dustbin with holes in to let the air circulate and three metal legs which you screw on. I was at the allotment within the hour, equipped with matches, a pile of bank statements and Christmas wrapping paper to start the fire with, plus emergency firelighters.

I put some screwed up bank statements and wrapping paper at the bottom of the incinerator, then a pile of small dry twigs then lit it using a bank statement as a kind of taper. I did use a firelighter as well and it got going really quickly. It was loads easier than lighting a bonfire in the disused cold frame which I tried a few weeks ago with very little success. I added more, bigger pieces of dry wood to the fire then, when it was good and hot, added some dried bindweed (which went up with huge flames) and started putting on the driest of the piles of brambles and weeds.

There were points when the allotment and incinerator disappeared in clouds of smoke but on the whole it was a very successful burning session and a huge mountain of weeds was reduced to smouldering ash. I reckon about five more fires like today and I should have got rid of nearly all the piles of weeds I’ve accumulated.

I spotted the little wren which must live on or near my plot today as well, but he was too speedy for me to photograph. Next time hopefully.

I’ll be back at the plot tomorrow to spread the ash and probably do another fire while the weather’s not too frosty.


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