Sad-looking Honeysuckle

My back yard gets no sun at all. None. Years ago, in an attempt to brighten it up, my mum got me an evergreen Honeysuckle which she thought might do ok in the dark, damp yard, and give some greenery throughout the year.

I love Honeysuckle – we had it in the back garden when I was small and it was always covered with pink and yellow flowers with their long, thin petals.

Mine has been in situ about seven years now and has grown but never looks much better than this:


It once had a couple of small flowers which was pretty exciting but it’s mostly winding bare stalks and a few dark leaves.

Anyway, now I have the allotment, I also have metal fencing on two sides, one of which looks onto the pavement on the neighbouring street. It’s currently covered in bindweed and brambles and I’d like something nicer to cover the fence and give some privacy. So I thought I’d take a cutting from the Honeysuckle and see if it does any better on the plot where it will get more sun and have room to grow.

I did some googling and was confused by talk of hardwood and softwood cuttings, best times of year to take cuttings and so on. Over Christmas I decided to just chop off a couple of sprigs and pop them in water to see if they rooted.

After a couple of weeks in a pint glass of water, they had lots of nice looking roots.

And once the weather warmed up a bit, I potted them outdoors, ready to take to the allotment when the bindweed is cleared and they can take their place against the back fence.

I wonder whether it’s worth also relocating another cutting to the front of the house where it’ll get more sun and replacing its space in the back yard with something more suited to the shade?


2 thoughts on “Sad-looking Honeysuckle

  1. What a shame having a backyard that gets no sunshine. I think that taking cuttings as you have to plant by the plot fence is a good idea, as is planting one at the front of the house where it should do well in the sun. xx

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