Return of the weeds, and some mystery shoots

As the weather’s warming up, the newly exposed and dug over beds at the plot are getting a covering of little weeds, which I expected.

I’ve also been looking out for the return of the bindweed and horse’s tail so today I did an experimental dig into the top raised bed and was unsurprised to discover lots of new bindweed roots. I was quite shocked at the amount of them though, just a month or so after we last dug everything out of that bed. Here’s the ones I pulled out in a few minutes today.

I’d been considering moving my broad bean seedlings from where I planted them to one of the bigger main beds so after the bindweed discovery I thought I’d better have a root around in there too, to see how bad things were.

Not so much bindweed in this one, but I did find lots of these black roots with tiny green shoots. I don’t think they’re horse’s tail as the roots didn’t seem to be deep enough and they were easy to pull up. So what are they? Any ideas?


And final mystery plant / weed of the day – does anyone know what these are?

They’re in a spot that wasn’t as vigorously dug over as the rest as it’s right beside the largest bramble bush in the world  (look at its huge base!). I thought they were weeds so pulled a couple up but then wondered whether they might turn out to be something nice. Unlikely I know, but maybe it’s worth waiting a bit to see what they do next.



4 thoughts on “Return of the weeds, and some mystery shoots

  1. My sympathies with the bindweed. Keep weeding and it should eventually get better, or even clear, after a few years. I don’t know what the second one is but does looks vaguely familiar. Plant one in a pot to see what it grows like. I’d leave the last ones as I don’t think they’re a weed, possibly flowering garlic(?). xx

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