The sun came out today so I sped down to the plot with my helper.

I didn’t intend to stay long but ended up getting quite a bit done. The main thing was that I marked out the edges of some of the beds with some of the many bricks I’ve found strewn around. The beds had been kind of overflowing onto the path and making things look even messier than they already are, so I scraped the soil off the paths, dug down a bit at the edges and sunk bricks in.

I also found a rhubarb sprout in amongst the piles of rubbish on the left of the plot so I popped it into the main bed. That should see us sorted for maybe a crumble between two later this year.


There were signs of Spring everywhere: buds appearing, blossom on my neighbour’s plot and lots of new horse’s tail and bindweed appearing. There was also a very relaxed black cat napping behind my fence.

In terms of planting, I put in a couple more broad beans, sowed some of the ‘mystery mix’ radishes my sister bought me from The Real Seed Catalogue, and sowed nasturium seeds in the old oil drum that’s sunk into the ground. I also found this cheery duck under a fallen tree.

These worms were wriggling around when I moved a paving stone which hopefully will eventually form part of some stepping stones across the big bed.


Next on the list is to think about how we handle the emerging horse’s tail and bindweed. The horse’s tail will definitely need spraying with weedkiller but that means I can’t plant anything until after it’s dealt with and it seems to be everywhere. I know my seed stash will keep until next year but it’s very sad to think we might not actually be able to grow much at all for another year. Fingers crossed that the garlic and beans we’ve sown already can hold their own against the weed invasion.


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