Four months in

It’s four months since I took over plot 45 and here’s how it’s changed. The first photo was day 1, the second was two months in and the third was lunch time today.

There’s still endless black bags full of plastic, broken glass old tools and other weird finds, a ridiculous amount of weeds and tree branches to burn, plus the re-emergence of weeds as the weather warms up, but I think it looks like we’re making progress.

Today I put down some weed-supressing fabric to see if it has any effect keeping the mare’s tail and bindweed at bay. One useful find amongst the debris was a couple of metal tent pegs that I anchored it with, along with some bricks and bits of paving slab.


Can you see in the pictures the gradual clearing of stuff from the giant metal boat-shaped pit of doom? I pulled about 50 canes out of it today along with a small stool and lots more dried wood and bindweed so fingers crossed for some dry weather and another bonfire at the weekend.


5 thoughts on “Four months in

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  2. Great to see your progress photos. That’s a lot of hard work! But it looks like you’re making great inroads. We got our plot at Christmas and are at a similar stage. Can’t wait to get some plants on the plot!

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    • It’s good to hear from others who are in a similar position – I will go and watch your video at lunch time. It’s starting to look like we’ll get some crops soon (garlic at least) so it’s a bit more encouraging now

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