A bump in the road

My bump in the road took the form of the (now dreaded) allotment inspections. I went to the plot yesterday to eat my lunch, as work’s been super-stressful for the past few weeks and it’s nice to get away from my desk for a few minutes. One of the men popped over and opened with the line “it was the inspections yesterday and you failed dismally”.

I hadn’t known the inspections were happening or what the criteria are so it was all a bit of a shock and not conducive to a relaxing break from work. I asked what the criteria are and it’s apparently to be 50% planted up and 100% weed free which, on a plot which six months ago was completely covered with rubbish, old car parts, broken glass, bindweed and matestail isn’t realistic I don’t think.

They’re right that one side of my plot is a disaster zone as far as weeds are concerned but I’ve made known that my plan is to focus on the right hand side this year before tackling the left, and as it’s thigh high in marestail I’m not entirely sure what can be done in the short term besides getting hold of a strimmer perhaps.

Anyway, I’ll dig up the most visible weeds at the top end and make it obvious I’m continuing to battle the weeds. The inspections are monthly so I’m hoping for no black mark next time.

Here’s a pic of the better side of the plot, complete with runner bean wigwam.





6 thoughts on “A bump in the road

  1. I really feel that plot inspections are generally much too inflexible and don’t make allowances for plotholder’s circumstances or the weather. i also think it’s poor that you weren’t aware of it happening or the criteria for them. xx

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    • I hope they’re a bit more flexible at my next inspection – the rain has meant I haven’t been able to do much this week at all, hoping for a dry spell on Sunday so I can get down there and tackle more weeds!


  2. That’s rubbish. I think you’ve done really well and it’s a shame, you can see why new plot holders get discouraged. I started with a pretty good plot that didn’t need much work and when the weeds got out of hand we covered it until I was ready to do something with it. Maybe try that, that way you can keep the weeds down! Good luck!

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    • Thanks for the encouragement. I have to confess I haven’t posted a pic of the really weedy side and it is a bit of a disgrace! Am planning a couple of hours of hacking at bindweed on Sunday


  3. I love reading your blog and think you’ve made amazing progress. Surely it’s nigh on impossible for plots to be 100% weed free? We’d definitely fail your committee’s inspection too!

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