Allotment successes and failures

I’ve been slacking in the blogging front but have been just about keeping up with the plot itself. I can’t believe how fast the weeds pop up during the summer though, especially with all the rain we’ve had.

Anyway, as it’s now officially autumn, here’s a quick summary of what’s worked and what hasn’t so far this year



Broad beans – sown in November, these gave an early crop

Beetroot – a big success, so easy to grow

Asparagus – thanks to the previous plot holder for this

Rainbow chard – rampant and colourful

Runner beans – these are past their best now but the five plants I sowed could have fed the whole street

Dwarf French beans – tricky to germinate – I only got three plants – but I’ve been surprised at the large crop

Kale – huge and pretty although I’m not keen on the taste

Purple sprouting broccoli – needs a huge amount of space but have been trouble free and delicious

Tomatoes – red, yellow and chocolate colours are all cropping now and are much more tasty than shop-bought

Blueberries – from my Poundland bush and one smaller one bought online. Lots of berries for breakfast pancakes.

Radishes – quick and easy.



Garlic – after a promising start, most of mine suffered from mould and I only got one full sized bulb

Carrots – I sowed a couple of rows which seemed to be doing ok before promptly disappearing.

A mixed bag:


Mange tout – I expected a larger crop from these but what I got was very nice.

Blackberries – the plot has problems with out of control brambles but at least I have enough blackberries to make jam to see us through the winter.

Parsnips: these are notorious for being hard to germinate and I only have a few seedlings. Will report back on how they do.


1 thought on “Allotment successes and failures

  1. Well done, most years are like this being a mix of successes and failures. Those beetroot look good. My carrots do the same, and I’ve never yet managed to grow a decent crop. xx


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