Signs of life


It’s been snowy and rainy here for the last few days so I haven’t been to the plot for nearly two weeks – the longest I’ve left it since we started.

We’ve also had really strong winds so I was a bit anxious to visit today and see if anything had been blown around. The perimeter fence had blown down (it was on its last legs anyway so not a disaster), someone had dumped an empty builders’ sack over the fence (which is actually quite handy for covering the incinerator with – thank you fly tippers of North Tyneside) but the big news of the day was that the broad beans have sprouted! I planted them on 1 December despite being advised that they wouldn’t grow over winter this far north. They’re the Claudia Aquadulce variety which is meant be very hardy and so far the sprinklings of snow and frost clearly haven’t bothered them.

There’s no sign yet of the daffodil or crocus bulbs, or the garlic, so I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for them.

Let’s see if the beans survive to spring.