First seed sowing of 2017

Of course, the start of March signals seed-sowing time. It’s still a bit chilly here so I’ve started a few seeds inside and plan to move them out into the zip-up greenhouse before transferring to the plot a bit later in the spring.

Planted so far are tumbling and vine tomatoes, mangetout and various chillis. The mangetout were by far the quickest to appear, poking through the soil within five days or so. I sowed both red and yellow tumbling tomatoes but only one of the yellow seeds germinated. You only get 15 in a pack and 1/15 seems like a bit of a rubbish result but never mind. I also have the chocolate tomatoes from the Real Seed Catalogue too so fingers crossed they’ll do better.



Seed overload

Both my mum and my sister bought me some seeds for Christmas and when you add them together with those I ordered myself, I probably have enough for everyone at my allotments, never mind just my plot.

These ones which my sister bought me are especially exciting: ‘Pipiche’, a kind of mexican herb, and ‘chocolate cherry’ tomatoes.¬†They’re both from the Real Seed Catalogue.

Seeds from the Real Seed Catalogue


The Pipiche is described as citrusy-coriander and it has blue flowers with no petals. I’ll probably grow this in a pot on the front patio at home, along with my other herbs, rather than at the allotment, as I like having herbs outside the front door where my sous chef can be sent to pick them as I cook dinner.

The cherry tomatoes should end up as small purple-brown fruits like these:


The rest of the seeds I have include nasturtiums, beetroot, a mystery mix of radishes, runner beans, a couple of other varieties of tomatoes including some yellow ones, rainbow chard, kale, parnsips, French beans, purple sprouting brocolli, mange tout, radiccio (or chicory) and a few varieities of chilli peppers including padron.


I think it’s a good mix of easy-to-grow choices and things I’ve grown successfully before like the runner beans and broccoli, plus some more experimental options like the radiccio and chilli peppers. I really hope we get some padrons so I can grill them with salt like the ones we ate in Spain last year.

Now we just need the snow and hailstones to stop and spring to arrive so I can get on with sowing them all.